Suggestion for the direction of Urgot's next skin

Urgot's VGU gave me an appreciation for him that I never had before. I love his characterization as a twisted, and yet intelligent, anarchist leader who has become one of the major players in the Piltover/Zaun storyline. Like Swain, he is a visionary, even if both have very different views on the ideal goal for Noxus. So the point of this is that Urgot's skins, while all very nicely adapted for his VGU, don't really get across the kind of philosophical movement leader that Urgot has been characterized as now. His skins are all movie monsters: an axe murderer, a kaiju, and a killer robot. While they're quality skins, I feel Urgot needs a skin that keeps the brutal and yet refined aesthetic (Urgot may just wear half a coat but it's a damn classy coat). An example would be Gangster Urgot Just a suggestion from a big Urgot fan.
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