Husk - The Hive Commander (cancelled League of Legends champion)

This is Husk created by ex-rioter IronStylus. Unfortunately, she didn't cut into live servers but her abilities and concepts we're reinvented and was turned to make Camille and Kai'sa. Which is ok to me too. If she was brought in to live servers, Camille and Kai'sa wouldn't(imo) be created. Her bio states: > Cancelled champion for League of Legends. Husk was eventually split to create Camille and Kai'sa. She was intended to be a mercenary from Zaun, the leader of a team called "H.I.V.E", comprised of other mercenaries, outlaws and bounty hunters. She was to be Caitlyn's ex-partner, defecting to Zaun after Caitlyn betrayed her by paralyzing her from the waist down during a shootout. FInal Design before cancellation: Alternate Weapon: Jetpack callouts: Further Ideation: Baton weapon design: Personal thoughts: I think her design is great, wait, what i mean is everything about her is great. We also got a chance to see a hero that went into the bad side (by revenge) because she was cait's ex-partner in crime getting her betrayed(? PS, Hey Kalista! cait betrayed someone!). Plus, I'm also ok with her being scrap because without her being cancelled, camille and kai'sa wouldn't be the same in the present or else there'll be no two of them. TBH, I don't think she will ever be out as a champion again that now she's brought up with this kind of fashion but please RIOT! even though she didn't make a cut into the game, please make her a lore only character specially her bio is nice/great and making cait having a darkside. Plus the hive gang is cool. Maybe a future champ from the hive besides her if the hive is in the lore? PS: danielzklein even made a kit for her, reused for Kadarin the make a wish champion.(But where's kadarin though?) Find out more in [IronStylus'Artstation]( PS: Chemtech Kai'sa anyone?
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