Fiddlesticks Login Screen Character Tutorial + Motion Graphics Channel

Riot Games Motion Graphics Team
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Hi! I'm Sanketh, a motion graphics artist on the Core Gameplay Publishing team. I've worked on many login screens the last few years, among other things, and get asked about our techniques (referred to as black magic too often, haha), so I thought I would shed some light on that! I recorded some mograph related tutorials at work before, but wanted to make some player facing to share some of our techniques we get asked about often. Hopefully this gives some of you a sneak peak at how we go about rigging and animating the characters you see as you log in! This example shows the basic process rigging/animating the non-layered {{champion:9}} splash, and is a pretty quick/basic example for the sake of learning. We usually spend weeks on a login animation, rather than 1 day, haha. This is also the first set of videos for our new Motion Graphics team channel; I hope there is more to come here soon, but our team is fairly small and we are usually pretty busy... so I wouldn't expect videos here super frequently. At any rate, I hope these videos are helpful or cool to see for you. Feel free to leave comments or questions and we will try to get back to you. Thanks for watching! **Warning: This tutorial is aimed at After Effects artists, **so it might be boring and technical if you aren't one. Part 4 might be a little more interesting since I cracked open the {{champion:163}} and {{champion:19}} files which might be neat to look at!
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