Calculating the Pyke Leviathan's Size

Ok[.]( Being a deep sea monsters Fan and since Riot NEVER gives us the Sweet micro-details of lore that make it juicy, i decided to try and get an estimate of how much the Leviathan that eats Pyke measures in terms of size. Seing how the only point of reference i have is Pyke being dragged into this thing's Jaw, we are going to take 2 Measurements asuming that he is vertically positioned to the Beast's open Maw at the very tip of its entrance (parallel to its teeth)[/img] The reason i take 2 measurements is because in the [trailer ]( vs[ the final image](, Pyke shrinks depending on how closer he is to the Beast's maw. - As such there is the Smallest size, take from the image... - and the Biggest size, taken from the point in the trailer where Pyke is at his tinniest compared to the Jaw.... So the final measurements are as Follows, using Pyke as a 6 ft tall reference. Take note i tried to draw the creature based on the image where [we see the creature in full view in the water](, doing my best to calculate the size based on perspective.[/img] * The Creature's maximum size estimate (Black) is around 635 Ft Long (193.8 Meters - same as the Sea Emperor Leviathan from Sub Nautica), 92 Ft tall Jaw (when opened). Weighing around 1222 Tons * The Creature minimum size estimate (Red) is around 322 Ft Long (98.1 Meters), 45 Ft tall Jaw (when opened). Weighing around 605 Tons A Sperm Whale, Blue Whale, Elephant, and the HMS Detroit (Sloop Brig) have been placed to showcase the size and serve as a reference to this things absurd size. ----------------------- What do you guys think? This thing is a Kaiju in terms of size. I honestly dont know how the people of Bildgewater can hunt these things with Wooden ships, this thing can bite a Blue whale in half. Pyke got rekt.
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