Something that bothers me about the Targon lore...

Here's something I've never really understood ever since the Targon lore update that happened around the time of Taric's VGU. OK, so there are "Aspects" or basically, the Greek Gods of Runeterra living in some Olympus-style celestial city at the top of Mount Targon, I can get that. These "Aspects" choose wielders or "vessels" or whatever you want to call them to "embody" their power. I can understand that too. That's basically like any other fantasy story or world where some God or god-like being chooses a "champion" to perform some act for them in the mortal realm, act in their name, or what-have-you. Here's the thing I DON'T understand. From what I understand when I read Leona, Diana and Taric's stories, they are chosen to be the Aspects of the Sun, Moon and Protector "Gods" or Targon beings, whatever you want to call them. They get to keep their individuality and for the most part, remain in control of their own bodies, minds and actions. But then you have Pantheon, the "Aspect" of War, who chooses this Atreus guy as his newest "vessel" or "champion", whatever you want to call him. Instead of him being simply given the power of the "Aspect" of War, like the other 3 above are, he fully possesses and takes over the guy's body. So I guess the question I'm struggling with here is, Why? Why do Leona, Diana and Taric (At least based on what I understand) get to keep their individuality, yet Atreus/Pantheon doesn't? It seems kind of unfair and cheap, almost like a cop-out, like Riot didn't WANT to come up with a new original story for Pantheon the man (Or at least the man he was before the Lore update).

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