Could anyone successfully describe/explain what Wuju technique is?

I confidently claim that no one here actually could. Not without taking some huge liberties in the way you might evaluate it. I certainly have my ideas. But what the fuck is the Wuju style of combat? For something that has been a fact of Yi's character, lore and abilities for 9+ years; not once has this unique form of martial art ever been explained or explored in the lore. Like I get it, the devs don't have to immediately try and explain it as I'm sure the writers are/have been relying on the recollection of Yi's game mechanics to fill in the blanks of the reader's mind. But these same writers have kept it a canonical fact that Wukong is entirely trained in the same combat tactics as Master Yi. Even kept from the old lore how Wu in Wukong is shortened for Wuju. Yet neither champion's gameplay is similar in any way, with no obvious thematic connection or possible association. Which their gameplay is the only slight source of evidence one could draw from and even that isn't credible! With that realization brings further questions. Why keep this an in-universe fact while in-game Wukong doesn't even utilize such techniques like Yi. Or is Wuju more than just blinking and super speed? But then if there are different expressions of the technique, then why doesn't the (one and only) Master of Wuju do what Wukong can do? _(IDk maybe this thread is a low-key demonstrating how Wukong needs a rework?)_ Nearly 10 years now (4 of which post-retcon) of no substantial exploration for something that, at least in words, has been a defining aspect for two characters. In Wukong's case, his character has been so bare of anyhting, that his connection to Wuju is the only defining aspect of his character that isnt already a stolen from chinese myth. Back to the point. There needs to be at least one story focused on the topic of Wuju. Something fresh to actually give justification behind why such a dusty idea was bothered to be preserved from the old lore at all, despite there being next to no substantial use of it in any modern stories! Would also be great for building these two character's bond/ comradery because I think their bios only convey their friendship in a very superficial portrayal.
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