@WAARGHbobo, we should talk about your voice writing.

Can you even write any champion serious and not as a total joke? Even if it is not you responsible about Aatrox's quotes, I just want you to know, you and other writers butcher theme of characters. Aatrox is a complete joke in my eyes right now. I hated Rhaast and his quotes, and now this. Another darkin with rubbish personality and forced funny quotes. How is it a lot different than as you promised? How can I trust your replies now? It is not even the first. You SAID Xerath's perspective will change 3-4 years ago. You know what happened? Xerath burnt a city and its civils alive, and enjoyed while watching it like he is fucking Evelynn. He makes Thresh proud. What's wrong with Narrative? Aurelion Sol, Forger of the Stars, also the sassiest dragon made in fantasy. Rhaast, the Darkin Sycthe, the Death Machine. I am more serious than him. And I am not a serious person. Evelynn, Demon of Pain, Succubus of Unspeakable Torment. Has some quotes made me laugh loudly. Aatrox, I am not even going to talk about it. It speaks for itself. Champions are CONTRADICTING with their theme. STOP with making champions joke. There are plenty of them. You murdered Aatrox and his beautiful voice acting with a 5 years old kid's personality. FINE. Just please, but PLEASEEE, never ever do the same for Mordekaiser and Nocturne. This champions should have dark and evil quotes, not this. I can't even describe my disappointment. I did not F5 this much to see it.
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