I would like to talk about the new perceived morality of Kayle and Morgana (Morg too good).

So when I first joined this game (back in season 3 where I played nothing but bots from 1 to 30, judge me all you want) I looked up some of the lore of Morgana because one of my friends played (and still does) her. Her lore described her as this fighter cast out of an oppressed society and using whatever powers she could to fight back against her tyrants. Your basic "for the greater good" and "rebellion" stories rolled into one. Seemed ok for lore back then rather than just saying "Purple lady is evil because she is purple and uses dark magics!" Then I read Kayle's lore, which not only told me they were sisters but also basically said that she was a warrior who fought for justice to protect her home from crumbling and brought down evil terrorists (I'm paraphrasing here) who threatened the peace and harmony of her home. Then I reread Morgana's lore. Then I reread Kayle's. Then it hit me, the great thing about their lores is that they painted themselves as the good characters, the other as the bad characters, but as a reader, you couldn't tell which was really true. That's what made their old lore so good, it was that you could see both of their sides and maybe even agree with each others methods, but in the end you weren't sure who was really right. And the new lore fails to do this. Why? Because we as an outside reader can relate our own morality into the story too easily. When {{champion:10}} basically tries to Sodom and Gomorrah Demacia because someone killed Ronas, you kinda get the idea that Kayle went a little overboard. But we don't really get that for Morgana because she basically killed Ronas in self defense because he was like, "Kayle ain't doing this, so I'll put justice in my own hands!" And Morgana was like: {{champion:25}}: No. Back off or die. And then he died. Kayle only stops because her rage caused her father to die, and then she decides to blame her emotions on the situation and bugger off to Targon while Morgana decides to wander the world to help people (and apparently never meet Poppy). Where is the duality here? I can see them arguing over areas of justice (Kayle being too harsh, Morgana being too soft) but nothing Morgana has done has backfired on her beyond "Well I didn't want these powers, but I have them now." This story works well for Kayle because we get to see how extreme she is. She believes what she's doing is right, is just, and we are presented with that in her VO at times. But we know that she is just taking things a wee bit too far. We don't get that with Morgana, in fact, many people probably side more with Morgana because she's helping those who could be redeemed or misjudged. Where are Morgana's flaws? Where are her mistakes? Why must Kayle be the only one who makes a mistake and punishes herself for it? Morgana's was simply binding her own wings to keep herself on the ground with mortals. I understand that Morgana has a lot of humility, but what I don't see is where she could be wrong. If you're going to try and make a debate through two philosophies, you have to show the good and bad of both. I do enjoy the character interactions and I feel as a duo they are stronger than ever, but seperatly their motivations and faults need more work. I'm not asking for Riot to make Kayle go adopt a puppy or build an orphanage, she's fine so long as you push Morgana to an equal extreme amount.
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