Singed can use a few more lines, couldn't he?

Seriously, getting new lines shouldn't be limited to reworks. Singed has a total of 12 unique lines in game, a quarter of them being him laughing. Kled has 421, which in perspective is 34 times the amount singed has. Kled has 100 more quotes for movement alone than Singed does in total. If it isn't clear some of the older champions, Singed included can use some new quotes, _and quick._ Instead of teaching hillbilly's dictionaries, can we give a mad scientist more than a few cheesy fines? Please just throw him and some older champs some love instead of just giving them reworks. **Please. ** Oh also, and can we please give him _actually canon lore_ during the Warwick rework? {{item:3070}} {{champion:27}}
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