Demacian Lore update after sylas (AS)

(Sorry for grammar and typos, English is not my first language. Not an excuse, but have mercy). So, after Sylas’ release and like it’s almost costumary, at least colaterally related champions have had their lore updated to fit the new narrative, in this case: Lux, Garen and Jarvan IV. I’ll be talking more on these last two since I feel they lost more to the update than Lux, who got her love for Demacia reassured in her lore. Garen after the update has become an almost one note character who serves as an painfully obvious comparison point to Sylas: The man raised and benefited in and by the system, the shining pilar of everything Demacian, and the anarchist formed out of the system’s faults and failings. Sounds cool, right? The problem is, Garen has lost all humanity he had. Jarvan’s capturing (which until now had been an important turning point on his character development) has been completely erased from the lore, as did Garen’s mourning for his friend he thought lost and the grand escape following. Garen now only serves as a comparison point, and writing off layers of a character to contrast with another will always feel cheap in my book, I don’t know about you. Now Jarvan as mentioned has no longer been captured by Noxus, there is no village to help him mature him/meet Shyvanna and honestly he reads as selfish in his lore. Sure, his in game voice isn’t necessarily humble, but the Jarvan in the new lore has always been noble, if prone to harsh decisitons because of it. Now his overextending to get back at his enemies for the loss of his men has been transformed into cockiness and his mom was killed off at birth so Riot didn’t have to write her. ~~You finally bring Catherine Spiritmight back and it’s only for this? ~~. His stance on magic is also known now as does Shyvanna’s dragon linage, for story telling reasons I guess and to contrast his methods to Sylas’, though with his new implied attiude is a lot harder to get behind his quiet revolution, which might have been the. point but, isn’t that bad? To take things from a character to embelish another? As I don’t believe in giving criticism without giving alternatives, I think it suffices to say that in order to make Sylas more appealing or make him contrast more with already existing characters, taking core things from these characters was not necessary. Or if not core, things that made them more humane, likeable. Garen was already in opposition to Sylas before the changes, and the jnsight we get to Demacia’s monarchy could have been added without taking much from Jarvan’s lore.Maybe Catherine’s death was necesary to show a society that refuses the help of magic must also deal with the complications, maybe Shyvanna’s status as a dragon is known because, well, she _is_ purple and scaled. But these are just my thoughts. Opinions, anyone?
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