Bugged? Or missed opportunities with Mordekasier’s skins?

With every rework, the skins are usually pretty hyped about. With Morde’s Skins they’re seem bugged atm with base effects kinda still lingering, and like Infernal Morde, placeholder effects. However, I’m a bit sceptical on what would final product be. Infernal and Pentakill are pretty much the same, except one has darker fire. Pentakill doesn’t feel like a Pentakill skin in terms of epicness like with Pentakill Kayle, which should be the standard to all of the Pentakill skins. He doesn’t play a Pentakill song for his dance (let’s hope that gets added), there’s no stage recall like with Pentakill Kayle (which I think every Pentakill skin should have) and his ult feel like a copy and paste of Infernal, and a lot of people suggest a concert like effect on the ult. (His Q mark should also show the Pentakill logo to differentiate with Infernal) Lord Morde also didn’t have added anh special effects on his skin as well Dragonknight Morde. Lord could have purple fire/lightning effects and Dragonknight having blue fire effects, as well as both not having any special recall. Infernal was probably the easiest out of all of them to make due to the have that he could just have fiery effects but no special recall was added as well. There are a lot of opportunities to make all of the skins great, and I know it’s the first day, and the skins have some bugs on them, but I think they need feedback just straight from the get go, or else we won’t see any changes.
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