Can we just take a minute to appreciate how adorable Sett's color story ending is? *spoilers*

BIG HEAD, BAD NEWS BY JOHN O'BRYAN Late that night, I stop by momma’s house, like usual. She’s in bed already, so I quietly leave a nice sack of coin on the dresser and give her a kiss on the forehead. She wakes, and smiles at the sight of her boy standing there at her bedside. As I touch her cheek, she notices the bandage on my hand—where I grabbed the Flayer’s blade. “Oh, Settrigh, what happened?” she says, all concerned. “Nothin’ big. Just cut myself building,” I say. “What did you build today, son?” she asks. “An orphanage. For orphans, ma,” I say, as I give her one last kiss goodnight. “Such a good boy,” she says. Her eyes tear up as she drifts off to sleep, like she’s proud knowing her son’s making a respectable living. The ending does so much to humanize him, and its adorable, he may not have many interactions in game but he himself is pretty great
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