Can we have a new champ that uses her hair as skills

Like the title, can we please have a champ like that riot. I also put **her** in he title as majority of hairmancer's are females. Maybe her lore is like a zaunite mad scientist experimented on her hair making it alive and have its own mind or something. Another lore is that, {{champion:27}} experimented her along with some children like {{champion:222}} and her motive is to take revenge by killing/stopping signed using her new power because her hair made her a freak and hated by zaunites and she is also {{champion:6}} right hand now to help him execute chem barons in zaun because urgot take a liking of her and he, knowing that they had the same fate in the past (betrayed or despaired). EDIT 1: Yes i know that there are some male hairmancers too :P and we need a girl cause we have taric already :D EDIT 2: Other lores that I've come up with: - Following with my second lore(the signed and jinx one) but instead of meeting urgot she goes to noxus to hide and take revenge to signed in the future. At some point, she goes into a forbidden castle seeing leblanc and the other black rose members doing rituals. So after seeing her, instead of killing her, leblanc grew interest in her specially her hair thus making her into a blackrose elite member and giving her additional powers. After that, she now take orders from leblanc and at the same time planning on how to kill singed. BTW, this will make her a noxian champ. - Following with my second lore(the signed and jinx one) but instead of meeting urgot she goes to a cargo ship going to bilgewater. After upon reaching bilgewater, she begun to become an alley cat thief and after some years she master her hair powers thus making her the most ruthless thief in bilgewater but that changed when MF crosses path with her, they became enemies at first. but at some point MF confronted her as to why is she like that. After hearing her story, MF grew an interest of her and making her a companion, thus making it like a mother-daughter relationship but at some point again, they parted ways because she needed to do her no. 1 priority, to kill signed. BTW, this will make her a bilgewater champ. EDIT 3: I'am so happy!! that my comment was noticed and hairmancers can be possible in league in the fututre :D
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