The "softer" side of Noxus?

As far as I can tell, there's kind of an ongoing weirdness surrounding the social climate of Noxus and Demacia, two nations that define the other almost more than they define themselves. Demacia is the paragon of goodness, and so Noxus in comparison must be the haven of cutthroats and strongarms. Demacia can't be all good, though, so it is very authoritarian (almost fascist?) in comparison to the... cutthroat, social-darwinistic Noxus. I've seen quite a few posts wondering why people live in Noxus at all, and whether there is a "good" (or better, anyway) side to Noxus. Something that would appeal, even, to people in Demacia, to make both places gray instead of one good but bad and the other totally bad. Forgive me if this is not current thinking on Noxus. Story discussions don't get moved to the front page of Boards a lot. Anyway, I've been reading a bunch of Terry Pratchett's *Discworld* novels lately, and I think the good side of Noxus is Ankh-Morpork. Ankh-Morpork is a city dominated by the physically and mentally strong, but where a sort of equilibrium has been reached. Assassins and thieves have their own guilds, but the guilds have standards, and police themselves. People can insult the Patrician's mother and not be forced to die in a duel. Nobody disallows Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler from selling his world-famous (almost deadly) sausages, and against all odds, he actually does sell them. In other words, Ankh-Morpork may be a city where the powerful thrive, but so can everyone else, in their own way. So what do you think? Am I trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist? Is this the wrong solution to one that does? Are there other ideas for what makes Noxus a great empire (to live in, not just to fight for) in its own right? Thanks for reading!
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