Can we start to get more LORE based skins?

Honestly, I'm a bit saturating with all these new fancy, out of context and full of vfx skins. I do like skin series with a lot of visual changes like Star Guardian, Project... But it's always sort of the same. Always new famcy particles with new fancy models and mostly not coherent with the world of Runeterra. I know that some skin series are linked (Mecha, Battlecast and Project for example, correct me if I'm wrong) and are part of a different timeline/universe but it would be nice to get more skins based on the past or the present of the "base universe" The four last lore-based skins I can think of are Captain Gangplank, Captain Fortune, Cutthroat Graves and Cutpurse TF, all released 2 and a half years ago during the Bilgewater Event. So please Riot, can you slow down the production rhythm of the "Blockbuster skins" and start to do more lore-related skins?
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