Why do people even worship Janna?

One thing I don’t understand about Janna’s new lore is why is it that Zaunites worship Janna? Overall she doesn’t seem all that god-like at all considering the only thing we see her doing is occasionally using her powers to blow away poisonous smoke, but even this seems to be a fairly rare occurrence since the Zaunites are still dying from the pollution (as a side note shouldn’t Piltover be just as poisonous as Zaun considering in RL a high rise has the same air pollution as a 1 story building to escape the air pollution you need to be thousands of feet in the air) and Janna doesn’t even try to save her followers from brutal murder considering Warwick’s short story. Also the tech levels of Zaun and Piltover are high enough to actually compete with magic, so I don’t think low level magic should impress people so much to bow down in worship and if they can create functional AI, chem boosted cyborgs, purple hulk, goo supermen, giant sapient rats, time machines, etc. surely they could invent air filtration and scrubbing systems, completely invalidating the reliance on Janna if they actually cared enough to do so. Even stranger is the fact magic isn’t exactly unknown to them as well considering in Ezreal’s lore magic is something Piltover actually teaches in special schools so if you have money you can become a mage yourself and even if Zaun lacks these schools considering the 2 cities are so close they are literally on top of each other I’m pretty sure mages are running around in Zaun as well or at the very least some people have come in contact or seen a mage before. So in this kind of environment it just seems odd someone would consider Janna someone to be worshipped as she just doesn’t seem all that impressive compared to everything else. But if she could summon literal hurricanes, tornadoes, and could change the weather at will on a large scale I could see at least maybe some people in a technologically advanced civilization might think she’s a goddess. Or if Zaun was less crazy with little technology and magic didn’t exist then someone like Janna will probably seem impressive enough to gain a cult. She might work better in Bilgewater helping sailors navigate through storms but then there is Nagakaborous...
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