Dark Cosmic Jhin login screen issue

Dark Cosmic Jhin - revamp
There was... a lot of feedback, kinda felt like i've let you down with the quality of the lower part of this animation, so... i've tried to apply some solutions. Music : Melodysheep - Continuum Support Melodysheep through his store page : https://melodysheep.bandcamp.com/ Illustration : Riot Games Animation : CJXander Wallpaper Engine: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile...
I've already made another post on the overall lack of animations in the recent login screen's but wanted to dedicate one for Jhin. I am primarily a Jhin main so i care about this a lot. If you were to look up "Dark Cosmic Jhin Login Screen" you will see quite a few videos on YouTube. While there is none from Riot yet I've decided to see how they made it. The music is absolutely fantastic and the static splash is gorgeous! And the login screen? Underwhelming. I was honestly expecting more especially if we were to argue about the whole "they care more about popular champions" thing. Well the thing is that Dark Cosmic Jhin IS one of their most popular skins and i feel like the animation should have more zazz. It doesn't feel alive and there is very little movement which made me sad because in my personal opinion, this is their best skin. The music, the abilities and voice, the splash art and the model are superb. Hell i fell in love with this skin immediately after just seeing the ult and i don't even like Dark Star skins. I've found someone that has reworked the login screen and it feels like people doing this have been doing a better job than Riot themselves. It was what i was expecting from them and it isn't exactly that hard to do it when you have many resources at your disposal. I don't want to end this on a negative note i absolutely love every single Jhin skin and this one is such a perfect legendary and as a Jhin main i will absolutely throw my money at this.
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