The comic's feel too much like Marvel

I never perceived Runeterra as a place where champions came to be because of superhero scenarios. They came to be by grueling events and grit. They fought tooth and nail with their fists or their wit (or with some characters just weird magical occurrences). SPOILERS When it comes to Ashe, I was happy with the intro of how her mother and aunt fought. They were showing the harsh side that the Freljord is so well known for and pride themselves to be. Within the second comic Ashe makes her first commands for soldiers to fight, knowing they would die but did it anyways. The soliders that went to die most likely knew it, but they were ok with it and actually relished the upcoming battle. In the third comic Ashe is greeted by the Winter Claw's leader and needs to find a way to survive with food offerings and political cunning. But the way that Ashe's love, a twig teenager magician, became her enemy that could kill her mother, the leader of the Avarosans, without a concern is really irritating. Then she could suddenly beat all of the guards that came with him and him himself just because the sun came over the mountain side and there was a true ice bow within a pile of rubble, which she now has the power to hold even though she didn't a week ago... It's all so super hero. I expected to see how Ashe learned how to exceptionally use a bow by brutally training and surviving killing winter nights with only her bow to provide food. I wanted to see her learn how the tribes rotated each other like wolves circling each other with hunger in their eyes. I wanted so much to see this young, talented girl become who she is within the game of League of Legends, but instead it just feels like another Marvel hero. That's my two cents, but maybe someone out here agrees with me.
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