Boring names for the civilizations in the game?

Hey guys! I'm a Cryptologist and Symbologist, and I know a lot about where languages come from. Believe it or not, it's actually one of the most potent arts there are! So basically, I find the names of all the cities in this game like Noxus or whatever, the names of the heroes from them and such (heroes in legend tend to inherit the morphemes (small words that make up a bigger word) in their name from the town or Kingdom they're from) are NOT really exhilarating. I find that the names all sound too much...I a bit rip-offey of that typical british accent medieval genre that's been so imitated now after Lord of the Rings came out and dominated the genre. You can't just whilley nilley a medieval fiction, because it's going to come across VERY FLAT if you don't put enough effort into really understanding the civilizations. Like J.R.R. Tolkien actually studied old languages, like old languages of the Norse and Greeks, as well as many old Sand languages to form the Haradrim empires and that really cool old looking script they use in the PS2 games and such! (The elvish-looking text) So in short, I find the lore to be very dry. I feel like it didn't match up with the original artwork of the game back in 2010, or some of the richness in Warcraft 3. Your thoughts?

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