@Riot. Skinline Transparency with The Evolution.

While in a discussion with another person over The Evolution skinline (Mecha, BCast, PROJECT, Program, and now Resistance) and whether it's one complete skinline, the issue of Rioters actually confirming anything came up. Obviously, we see a Vel'Koz shaped entity in PROJECT: Katarina's splash art, but Riot hasn't said anything confirming it (as far as either of us found) to be either THE Battlecast Vel'Koz, or another version of BCast, as obviously Viktor would make more versions of each "soldier" in his army, each version similar in design, but superior to the previous iteration. So we've been given all these hints that the complete timeline of each skinline matches up, with each skinline having SOME role in the overall story of this AU, yet nothing has been confirmed. Here's the basic timeline. BCast is created by Viktor. Mecha is supposedly created by Jayce to counteract them. Full-Metal might be a part of the skinline, as exosuits for Jayce and his team, but I'm not sure if it's confirmed. Sion is hacked by Viktor. Viktor wins, and establishes his regime (Neo-Ionia from the Overdrive cinematic, among other cities). Program fits into the timeline as an AI which creates the PROJECT Corp, either as its own entity or an AI made by Viktor which went rogue (ironic). Camille helps the fight against G/NETIC, and hunts down rogue augments (PROJECTS) which can't be reprogrammed. iBlitzcrank is big Roomba w/ hand-hook which remains with its current code until the new command line is given to kill aLL HUMANS. Liss is the Big Mama of the AI, and Soraka is the medic, who doesn't let augments die, but rather, saves them to be reprogrammed. PROJECT is... PROJECT. Different factions and characters, like the G/NETIC Resistance Force, PROJECT's Command Line Counter-Espionage Squad, the law enforcement (Vi), black market hackers (Ekko and Jhin-- the former of whom joined G/NETIC, and the latter of whom became a merc), and lone wolves like Vayne, who worked in Command Line, but was betrayed by PROJECT. She now works alone to take down her former employers. Resistance is, well, a resistance against Viktor and/or the PROJECT Corp. Illaoi breaks free from becoming BCast'ed and joins Cait. This is more or less the basic connection between all five skinlines, given by clues from teasers (Sion's), splash arts (PROJECT: Kat), login screens, (Sion's) have given us to connect each skinline and fill in the blanks, and yet the only Rioter confirmed thing (aside from PROJECT and Program being connected) is of Resistance being connected to BCast. Nobody else in the Mecha universe has been hinted at being able to hack Sion, and there's been no given reason for the Mechas to be built in the first place OTHER than to counter act the BCasts, which have been confirmed to be fairly large in the AU lore. Most of them bigger than their lore counterparts. Unlike Dark Star and Star Guardian, Riot has yet to confirm most of this as being truly connected in one overall AU, or being separate. However, ALSO unlike DStar and SGuard, The Evolution's AU has stems to connect the skinlines. BCast Vel'Koz in PROJECT: Kat's splash art, Creator Viktor hacking Mecha ~~Xer0~~ Zero Sion, something that looks similar to Vel'Koz (albeit with more tentacles, and without a red eye/flashlight) in Program Cam's splash, etc. The only thing the DStar/SGuard had going for it is the word "Star" in both, despite the fact that Dark Star is to Cosmic what Marauder is to Warden. They're rival skins. Like Mecha and Battlecast, or Zombie and Slayer, or Lunar Wraith and Radiant. So, my question to any Rioter who can answer it and confirm it is: #Are Battlecast, Mecha, PROJECT, Program, and now Resistance all a part of the same skinline, or have the teasers and splash art references just all had random things which just so happen to coincide with the other skinlines?
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