Could Shen and Zed actually catch Jhin?

I've had this argument with a friend of mine since Jhin's release, and I'd really like to get some more "educated" opinions on the topic. In Jhin's lore there is a story told about him escaping imprisonment from a prison he was taken to by Shen, Zed and their master. But before I continue let me give some context to those who aren't familiar with the story. So, Shen, Zed, and their master(Shen's father) captured Jhin after he went on a killing spree with a traveling circus and was given mercy by Shen's father and put in prison rather than killing him. Zed eventually goes on to kill Shen's father and embrace the way of the shadow, ostracizing himself from Shen forever. Five years pass and Zed eventually visits Shen, both disguised, in a tavern, and obviously they both recognize each other immediately, and Zed tells Shen that Jhin has escaped imprisonment. Shen, then accepts Zed's help in finding Jhin. Now, this is important, because Shen denounced Zed from his life entirely, and swore that he would never be forgiven, for he represents an imbalance. But despite this Shen accepts help from Zed, the man who murdered his father. The only reason Shen would ever do this is if he knew, in his head, that Zed was the only person capable of helping him catch Jhin. But the question still remains: would Shen and Zed be able to capture Jhin? And I don't mean find Jhin, because it's stated that Jhin's goal is to lead Shen and Zed to his location so he can perform his 'final act'. I mean could the two of them capture {{champion:202}} Jhin in his own environment with setup time, with {{champion:98}} Shen now being a master of the twilight, and {{champion:238}} Zed now being a master of the shadows. I'd love to hear a response from a Rioter, but idk how to get their attention >.<
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