I feel like skins are a good answer for the conflicting Volibear concepts

So the [two](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/04_Volibear_68kqb4ydmuezwrwc958m.jpg) [times](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/03_Volibear_Concepts_wxz7zvjf8w59ovv8gpwh.jpg) we've been shown the progress with the upcoming reworks the artist making the concepts for Volibear seems to be conflicted with the direction he wants to take him, so I think turning some of the concepts into skins instead would allow them to be explored rather than being discarded completely, of course this is assuming the reason he is conflicted is because they are all good concepts and doesn't know what to choose and also it being the lore Volibear we're talking about skins aren't 100% a fix for this. Whatever the case is, here is what I have thought of. Thunderlord Volibear would be a good candidate to take him into the more "Eastern God" look the artist mentioned, it would contrast well with Ornn's skin being more of an European god. Runeguard Volibear would be a nice opportunity to explore the more "Veteran" look from the concepts, Riot has already stated that lore-based skins don't really do well so reworking him into some sort of old temple guard could fit. As for the demonic concepts which realistically is the only reason Voli "won" the contest after people read the new story, I think either base or a brand new skin should do it. And I'm saying a new skin just for one reason: The new Elderwood skins. Nocturne is the first Old God skin we've gotten from the line as far as I know (so it's kinda weird it's called Elderwood instead of like, Old God or Coven at least), and with it the aesthetic they seem to be going with the Old Gods is somewhat wild and tribal, which would fit well for Volibear. I think adding him to the line making him this eldritch tribal horror is the way to go (somewhat like the very last concept in the second batch, or the ursine seen in the Silence of the Damned story), while his base self could go for a more down to earth, "sane" look with braids and dreadlocks and the like.
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