What are the character fantasies that each of the champions up for a VGU should offer?

{{champion:36}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:106}} Of these champions most considered for a VGU, it's pretty agreed upon that they can't satisfy a character role, thematically, that would make them attractive a playerbase. But what exactly is the character role that they could best be filling? Malicious Metal, well known Morde fanatic, has gone in depth on his views of the idea fantasy that Morde should be fulfilling. But beyond just that, how could each champion be worked on in this regard? For example {{champion:31}} Should fill the role of a creature who spits on the idea of "humanity". Make the player feel like a monster, and a deliberate one. Heartless, merciless. All consuming, but not in a TK way, where it's a two way street. Cho wants to consume everything and a deal has nothing to do with it. {{champion:106}} Should give the player the feeling of a prideful, even arrogant, but not chaotic, beast warrior. This isn't just an animal, but a demi god, and it should feel good. He should be imposing to look at and feel like. So, what kinds of fantasies would you like these champions to bring in a VGU? If any Rioters see this, do you have any views or questions on each of the champs and their potential?

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