As a fencer, and someone considering Fiora, I love the proposed walk cycle update.

For those of you who may not know, a bunch of champs are expecting updates to their walk/run cycles. I would just like to voice my thoughts one one of them. Here is a video primarily showcasing Fiora's update: I've seen people say "too similar to X" or "it doesn't look natural." However, many people won't realize the many subtle techniques used in actual fencing seen in the cycle that weren't in the old one: 1. Her body is upright, such that her chest is not a target. 2. Her non-weapon arm is held back to prevent attacks to it. 3. She is more maneuverable on the balls of her feet. 4. She keeps her blade facing straight forward at all times to stay on target. 5. Her hips are kept at a steady height for balance. 6. Her left foot is at an angle for stability. Fiora now uses form more fit for a professional duelist of the highest skill. It may seem strange to some, but this cycle is actually more authentic to her character. I love it.
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