Shouldn't Senna be in a spirit form after she got released from the lantern? Not to mention her gigantic gun... Where did it even come from? All I know is that Thresh suck souls from the dead, that don't include physical things, like guns, bodies etc. (or am I missing somethings out?). To be honest, I was expecting her to be in a spirit/ghostly form that wields souls/spirits to support her allies (Lucian). And why is Senna the only who got out? I mean I'm pretty sure Thresh sucked many people in there too. I known in the teaser it showed that there were like souls that got out too as Lucian stabs the lantern, but only Senna has the physical form and didn't go back in to the lantern? P.S. I know Senna used to be a marksmen, like Lucian, who has her gun now, but think about it like she gained her abilities from the lantern. etc. etc.

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