No more robotic skins please :(

Today i went on surrenderat20, for my friend told me they announced "praetorian graves and fiddlesticks". These news got me excited, but at last I got really disappointed: reading the name I expected some weird Ancient Roman-tech skin line, instead, here's another generic mecha skin line. Don't get me wrong, some mecha skins are really cool (I own battlecast cho, mecha sion and aatrox), but I feel like riot is insisting too much on this theme. Fiddlesticks mecha doesn't even make sense. Program Leblanc?? Program NAMI??? This is getting out of hand, at this point I expect them to pull out mecha teemo and then we are done. Take a look at the mecha/cyborg skin lines: Battlecast Project Program Lancer Zero Full metal And now Pretorian. Almost half of the roster has a mecha skin. It would be nice if we could get some lore related skin-lines. TL,DR: praetorian skins are disappointing, it's just another mecha skinline with a cool name slapped on it. Enough with robots, gibbe true ancient romans praetorians (or any other non mecha skin).
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