Soemthing sad about the PROJECT timeline

Something many people don't seem to know is that the Pulsefire skin line is in the same timeline as the PROJECT skins, just in a [seemingly very very] far future as confirmed by some of Pulsefire Caitlyn's lines. But some lines in particular made me start thinking, when she kills any PROJECT she says "We can't fix the past if we stay in the future" which makes me think she sees the PROJECTS as some sort of failure, note that there's the Gnetic faction and the actual PROJECT faction which the game doesn't seem to distinguish so we can't quite tell if she's refering to either one of them or both, however she also has another line when she kills a Program which goes "We should've stopped you sooner" which makes it sound like the Gnetic rebelion failed to defeat the Programs/PROJECTs and it was The Remembrancers who had to put a stop to them which means Ashe, Yi, Pyke and all our beloved rebels quite possibly died at the hands of the PROJECT corp. Another sad thing is that with them all being on the same universe it means that Riven and Yasuo, Shen and Zed, Cait and Vi are all on different time periods and Twisted Fate's best friend is a mass produced genocide robot.
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