@Riot Why the Lack of Changes on the Omega Squad Skins?

The community gave many suggestions on how to improve the skins and yet, none of it was used. Why? Twitch who hasn't gotten a skin in ages finally gets one and you guys somewhat half-ass it. A lot of players wanted: 1. Twitch to hold his knife by the handle (Could adjust the knife itself to take care of the spike issue) 2. His goggles to come down (Riot mentioned a lot of players wouldn't notice, but obviously it's a highly requested feature it's noticeable) 3. His grenade to have a different sound effect than a casket from his base skin (I'm honestly really surprised by this) Veigar also got a lot of feedback from the community: 1. His ult feels underwhelming 2. Players wanted Veigar to use his gun more(i.e. ult or q) No. 1 a rioter even commented about and said they were gonna make changes and yet there are no changes and the skins are now being released. Is there a particular reason for the lack of changes?
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