@Riot, The Lore Retcon Is Painful, And It's Taking Too Long, Finish it Already!

Have you ever heard the phrase regarding the ripping off of a bandaid? It should be done quickly and completely in one quick shot. The lore retcon, assuming it needed to happen in the first place, should have been done the same way. It's been almost a year, and many champion's lore still exist in a pre-retconned world. Jax for example. @Riot I enjoy and love your game, but your managers must have some serious issues setting deadlines for lore or something because they don't seem to be doing their job. We've seen RIot develop lore at a much faster rate than it has in the past year, and while we've had the odd really cool event (Bilgewater) it hasn't seemed like we've gotten any consistent lore releases happening like we used too. Lore releases happen at a snails pace these days, and never actually seem to have any global significance to Runeterra. Heck Riot, you guys haven't even finished the retcon, which I would think would have been your number 1 priority for the last year! What's taking so long Riot?!
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