For some reason, nobody can guess the league champion based on this teaser...

Which League Champion is this? - 25th Lore Spotlight - League of Legends
Which champion does this video remind you of? The full lore spotlight coming next Wednesday! Meanwhile, see you on friday in the Lore Master Quiz! The recording of this lovely rose has been taken from here And also, the music is from Maleficent, the christening scene.
I am a little bit surprised. I just uploaded a teaser for the next Lore spotlight video, and I thought at first that I made it too easy, or rather that by putting in the element of the rose and the effects and sounds, that I really gave away the champion and I thought "Oh well, there's no other way to represent this champion" but for some reason, nearly no one seems to be guessing it correctly lol. If you're very knowledgeable of League lore, by all means, give it a shot! (You can do so here or on the video, though I write down people who guess teasers correctly from the YT comments section so I can easily track it) EDIT: Very few guesses correct but there are some who seem to spot what is actually happening to the rose :D
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