Ashes place in the PROJECT universe

So when the new PROJECT skins were announced I found it odd that Ashe was among the project champions and even more surprised about how she got the legendary PROJECT skin. At first I thought they gave her the legendary skin just for the sake of making a legendary project skin,but then I listened to her VO and I realized why they gave Ashe the project skin and what role she serves in the PROJECT-AU. ----------------------------------------------- **First of all I think some of her lines give us a good impression of what happened to the PROJECT champs** > "They promised us infinite possibility. They lied." > "Your spirit is stronger than their programming." > "They cannot take our pasts from us." Based on these we can assume that some kind of organization(it can't be an individual since the word "they" is used) or more likely some sort of corporation lured the champs into the project with empty promises,seemingly trying to reprogram their minds in the process,while erasing their own memories(it is likely that they wanted to reprogram them in order to make them obedient soldiers) This would explain why Yi has the memories of someone else in his mind(they are part of said program,but his own personality wasn't destroyed) and even why Zed was attacking the other project champs(because he hasn't broken free from his programming). ---------------------------------- **So how does PROJECT:Ashe fit into all this?** Well I think it becomes appearant when you look at these lines: > "We aren't weapons, we're human beings." > "Freedom is ours." > "This oppression will not last." > "Join the resistance." > "We will end their tyranny." There are likely some more,but I think it is easy to understand the point: Ashe is leading a resistance against the creators of the project line(or maybe even the society itself) and for this cause she tries to unite the project champs(the PROJECT:DISRUPTION site even says that she fights for unity). And this is why she was chosen for the legendary skin,because this role pretty much mirrors her role in the main-universe;)
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