Some thoughts on more dated female champions, from a girl

Our wonderful community author Blood Magicks reminded me that Riot wants feedback from the female player base, so I suppose it's time to give my thoughts. I can see where Blood Magicks is coming from with her post, but honestly I don't think the problem is sex appeal for women. Riot thinks we want macho hunks like Taric and Braum, but many of us just want a female champ we can relate to, a great story, or straight-up cuteness. But I won't go too deep on that issue. There's a more obvious issue looking me in the face. We all know that a lot of League’s older female champs were launched with very sexualized designs, and while times (and Riot) were different then, they’re probably driving girls away from the game now. As a result, a few need urgent help. Because we can't relate to a character whose tits ARE her personality, can we? So what I'd like Riot to do, rather than some broad sweeping overhaul of how things work, is some visual updates for a few of the most egregious offenders who needed it anyway. The current portrayal of this fairly short list of champions is making girls and women feel objectified and unwelcome in the League scene. I certainly don't like looking down a pair of double Ds as I play. There are some benefits to updating these champions. One: their existing lore-invested mains should be pretty happy with their champ's lore and visuals finally matching. Two: Suddenly we have more fleshed out female characters who people like me can relate to and enjoy playing, without being barraged by full tiddy view, constant sex references, or a major disconnect between lore and game. Additional note: As you might've guessed, Kai'Sa is a newer champion who belongs on this list, but I have whined enough about her V-neck for a lifetime. * **Nidalee.** "Somebody come get her, she's dancing like a stripper!" I mean, come on... pole dancing... mating season joke... hilariously badly proportioned model with twig thighs and huge boobs. Especially now that she is finally getting some new lore with Neeko's release, she needs help. Badly. A cat shapeshifter seems like such a cool concept at face value, and her splash art (aside from base) is stellar. I think it's time she lived up to the fantasy, which should only involve visual and VO work. I wasn't able to dig up any VU concepts; I was thinking her outfit should look much the same, but with a fresh coat of paint - and it should cover more. Neeko's outfit is a good comparison. (Her kit is fine, though she could be more newbie-friendly.) I do have to commend the designers of Super Galaxy Nidalee for giving her a skin where she is covered up. * **Janna.** Same deal here with the prostitute joke. Ever since her lore update to make her a wind spirit, her in-game portrayal has seemed extremely off. I'd rather that she not look human; it would be pretty cool if she looked like a living cloud in her base skin, Frost Queen, and Tempest, with puffy Zaunite "clothing" and messier hair. (Her other skins would keep her human.) * **Syndra.** Visually a ripoff of a scantily clad Mortal Kombat character, and yet she has so much lore potential and should fit in more as an Ionian villain. Let's fix that. There's an excellent VU concept commissioned by a prominent member of SyndraMains that holds up even after The Dreaming Pool threw the community into turmoil. It's close enough to her current design to still be familiar, but makes her look closer to an evil version of the Ionian aesthetic, and gets rid of everything that isn't that great. I like how her skirt looks like the waters of the Dreaming Pool, too. * **Miss Fortune.** This is a simpler solution, and one that is already in the works. While I understand that base MF is a canon or semi-canon portrayal, it's not who she is now. Lore nuts have been BEGGING for base and Captain MF to be swapped ever since the Bilgewater update. Also, we really can't wait for that VO update, which would fix so many problems on its own. * **LeBlanc.** Another case of just not living up to her lore potential because she's wearing lingerie. She should look more like the regal, immortal mob boss she is. Think Camille but with twenty times the life experience and less likely to look down on you. * **Debatable: Ashe, Caitlyn, Katarina.** While they're not as obnoxious as the previous examples, Caitlyn is still seriously in need of an Ezreal-scale update, and none of these champions, magical cold resistance or not, is wearing suitable clothing for her environment. Ideally, Caitlyn should be wearing something that actually allows her to do cop things like throwing people to the ground. Katarina should be wearing a little more leather armor, considering she loves being in the fray and shouldn't have a vital pierced instantly. Ashe should look a little more like a stereotypical DnD ranger. As with Nidalee: big props to Riot for PROJECT Ashe and Pulsefire Caitlyn; now bring the rest of the champion to that level of awesome. **TL;DR: Update some older female champions as soon as is convenient, because they're not strippers anymore.** Concepts for Ashe, from Verauko: (Base) (Other skins, including a more "traditional" take on classic Ashe that does not solve my problems with it) Concept for Caitlyn, from Vlad Bacescu who's now working with the skins team: A more human Janna concept in case that direction seems like the best, from Riot Hylia: Concept for LeBlanc, from Riot Hylia: Concept for Syndra, from Matilda Fiship:
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