I got Corporate Mundo from a skin shard

And after some matches with this skin, I have to say that this is a kinda sad legendary skin. Yeah, the "money man" memes are fun and all, but the quality of this legendary is still pretty low. So I can't stop thinking.... how might they improve this with his VGU? Honestly, I have a hard time imagining that they might be able to update this skin into something great. The legendary skins they updated to this point had awesome concepts behind them. {{champion:10}} Aetherwing Kayle is an angel cyborg from a dystopian future {{champion:20}} Nunu & Willumpbot is about a kid building his own fighting robot like in Real Steel But Corporate Mundo is literally just Dr. Mundo as a CEO.... I don't know, I just think this premise doesn't give much room for interesting designs. It will probably stay basically the same, just Mundo in a suit and a briefcase.....
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