OK as much as I love PROJECT Jhin...

...and don't get me wrong, the skin is absolutely gorgeous and I really want to get it, but now looking back **this is Jhin's third skin he has gotten this year alone!** And I thought Master Yi getting Cosmic and Eternal Sword in the same year was bad, this is just ridiculous now! Granted one of skins Jhin has is Esports related and so it's legacy, fine fair point, but nevertheless he's still getting Yi's treatment of "oh an extra skin this year over everyone else". Look I like Jhin, he's one of the few ADC's I really love to play hell one of the few champs in League that I love to play, but as much as I want to have him get a PROJECT skin, I feel it's a bit much to be pushing out three whole skins for one champ in the same year, even if one of those is Esports related. Seriously, most champs after Jhin up to say {{champion:164}} haven't gotten a new skin yet, hell {{champion:420}} is just now getting a public vote done for her next skin and she was released before him!
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