@Riot Why not give Mordekaiser the Kayle treatment and...

...release recolored sfx for at least some of his skins next patch? I understand why you may not want to do it for the lower-tier skins (Dragon Knight, King of Clubs), but then at least recolor Lord since it's the same price as Pentakill but right now it's stuck with half green and half purple particles (and he wouldn't have even that if Neal didn't just barely manage to push it onto pbe. Thank you for the awesome work, by the way!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6xdlTlZKl4 Just look at how strange that looks right now. The particles are almost half finished at this point, please at least recolor the rest so it doesn't look so confused and the skin is actually worth the price (Plus the model is amazing so it'd be a shame if people didn't use it because they can just buy a 520 rp skin that's superior to it effects-wise).
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