Does it feel to anyone else that Poppy's new character has lost a lot of her bravado and confidence

Voice - Poppy, The Keeper of the Hammer
This is the voice for the new champion Poppy. Note: The Voice might not be final, you never know what tweaks Riot might make to it. For League of Legends Related News Check Out Surrender@20: Feel Free to Follow me on Twitter as well:
Found this video of the VO for Poppy's relaunch, and on first impression, I really don't like the new wilting-violet unconfident personality she's displaying. Poppy, even with her limited former dialogue, used to be all swagger and bravado. She challenged people to stand up or get beat down. Now she's apologizing to everyone and doubting her own skills. :\ I dunno, I just wish she wasn't so... unsure. I like the long-ass bank robbery anti-joke though. XD
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