RIOT I ask of you a reply regarding Viktor

Viktor started off as a naive young student at the college of techmaturgy in Zaun. He wanted to clean the city, and he created Blitzcrank - the very definition of free will. Viktor is proud of Blitzcrank. Then his (and his teams) invention got stolen, his ideas and blueprints got stolen by Pididly, because they were that good! Viktor betrayed and hurt, he naively thought he could win at court. He himself withdrew from college, he was devastated. He sank into a horrible depression. But he didn't give up. He rebuilt himself. He remembered his love for techmaturgy and believed it could save him. He believes the Glorious Evolution can help humanity. He naively believed Jayce would help him. This is why we love Viktor. Because many of us can see ourselves in him. He looks badass, but he's not a villain like he looks at first sight. But then you write this new lore. Aside that Orianna is now **somehow** supposed to fill in the female engineer trope you were so unsuccessful to create, that Orianna is now better in Glorious Evolution that Viktor, and that there's no mention of her love for dancing anymore - the focal point of her character. Why did you have to push Viktor into Piltover? The Zaun event ain't gonna change this. Then you added that he was expelled from a Piltovian college because his ideas were amoral. This is the Dr. Doom cliche which nobody wants. Dr. Doom was expelled because he wanted to open a door to hell. And Jayce is Mister Fantastic. Viktor now starts as a villain who wants to remove free will from people. This is sick. Nobody likes this. Viktor can't go through genuine depression now due to his ideas being stolen, he can only go through maniacal induced rage because Jayce was a snitch and got him expelled. I also remember you did this exact same thing to Pantheon and Leona, where Pantheon was a snitch and told the village elders about Leona saving a monster. Viktor creating chemtech? This was Singed's shtick, Viktor has 0 to do with chemistry. You say Jayce is a jerk and expect us to be content with this? Whether Jayce is a jerk or not, it doesn't matter. And then Viktor feels a feeling, gets scared by it and also lets out a manly tear when he orders for Jayce to be executed. What the hell is this. Nobody's gonna sympathize with Viktor because Viktor felt a bit sad, and then ordered Jayce to be killed. And the worst offender, Viktor wanting to remove free will. What's next? That he created Blitzcrank by accident, tried destroying him cause the robot got free will by accident? And then Blitzcrank escaped? Tell us, is it true that Jayce's lore is complete fabrication? Even if a single thing from it isn't, there's no hope for the Zaun event. If Viktor's from Piltover, he got expelled, etc. that is also a stab in the heart. Also, I suppose Orianna's lore isn't a fabrication so Viktor cannot be the best at augments anymore.

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