Karmas new lore is a mess

Heres a slice from karmas original lore. "As the Noxians advanced, the villagers prepared to accept death, bound to their peaceful vows. But Karma would not accept death and instead saw another way: sacrificing a single life to spare many others. To save her people, she drew upon the power within and summoned the full force of her will. A burst of Inner Flame spirit fire emerged from her body and spiraled towards the Noxian general. The flame took the form of Gathering Fire twin dragons, the symbol of Ionia itself. It was the first time Karma had ever used her powers to harm instead of protect, and neither she nor the villagers had ever seen anything like it. When the magic subsided, the general had fallen before her and his soldiers had scattered. The opposing forces surrendered to Karma's strength, leaving her people, and their traditions, untouched. While the war raged on, Karma became a formidable leader of the Ionian resistance, but the conflict did not end when Noxus' armies fled the Ionian shores. Ionia became divided between the resistance fighters who craved vengeance and the monks who demanded a return to spiritual tradition. Karma saw a third path, one that combined the strength Ionia found in war with the peaceful traditions the nation still held dear. She now seeks to return her ravaged land to an enduring peace." She dared to question the teachings of the order, but she stood up to save her people. She was a hero, and an interesting character. Now a slice from the new story. "Indeed, these philosophies were truly tested when Noxus invaded Ionia. Many thousands were killed as the enemy warbands advanced inland, and Karma was forced to face the harsh realities of war. She could feel the immense destructive potential that swelled in her soul, and with it, the impetuous voice of young Darha screaming: What is the point of this power, if not to use it? Karma agonized over this. Eventually she compromised, deciding to kill just one person, but that it had to be the right person to kill. She confronted a Noxian commander on the deck of his own war frigate, and unleashed her divine fury. But instead of a single, measured attack, she obliterated the entire vessel and its crew in a heartbeat. Though the Ionians rejoiced at this apparent victory, Karma was left strangely empty. The voices that had spoken so clearly in her mind now fell silent, and she felt Darha returning to prominence—this brought little comfort, however, as she realized she had made a huge mistake. She returned to the Lasting Altar to meditate and perform penance for upsetting the spiritual harmony of her homeland. Killing would always be easy, but came at the cost of true enlightenment. She had already tarnished her own undying soul along with those of her followers, and she would try her utmost to do no further injury. Though the war with Noxus is now long over, there are still many in Ionia who have become only too glad to meet violence with violence, even against their own neighbors. Karma has pledged to guide as many of them as she can to more peaceful means. And with every conflict she averts, more of the lost voices return to offer their eternal wisdom." Ok so now shes being punished by the magic land or whatever, (even though its mentioned the magic land also does plenty of noxian killing so that makes no sense lmao) So now shes just a crappier version of soraka who needs to repent for having a spine and saving her peoples lives? Thats STUPID. Also take a listen to her voice lines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6P1K_95unk So ya her cool voice lines about standing up for yourself and doing what has to be done make no sense and is thrown out the window. So long story short I absolutely hate this and its completely stupid. This comes just days after the nautilus post wanting to reach out to the community, as a karma fan this just feels like a stab in the heart. So thanks for that. "If you desire peace, you must prepare for war" -Karma
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