Irelia Rework Gameplay Inspiration

As we all know Irelia is potentially the next rework, if not 99% likely to release next year at some point. Irelia unfortunately does not convey her theme of a telekinetic blade user at all, and just awkwardly smacks you with her blades. Her models and animation are severely outdated and she could just be so much cooler. **How I envision** {{champion:39}} When I picture telekinetic blade wielder the first thing that comes to mind is Noctis's Armiger from Final Fantasy XV. Drive Forms from the Kingdom Hearts series also come to mind. Another example is Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon from the Fate Anime/VN series. Noctis's Armiger *** **Gameplay Identity** I believe she should be kept as the melee skirmisher/diver she is currently, with her telekinetic blades assisting her through her actions. Having her be ranged would betray her current identity too much and and commanding weapons from afar is already a fantasy that Azir fulfills pefectly. **Gameplay Concepts** I envision her gameplay pre-6 to be less overbearing with her telekinetic blades merely assisting her. Her ultimate at 6 would unlock the true potential of her blades, with each having a will of it's own, converging to form deadly attacks on the enemy when paired with her other abilities. I also envision her with a ranged execute (on second button press) similar to Riven's ultimate at 6, sending her blades in a flurry towards the enemy. This could either be a single target execute, or instead of a single target execute, possibly an aoe release of blades. This would also allow her to fulfill her diver fantasy giving her the necessary burst to finish off foes. Essentially this is a modernisation of her current R as well as making her blades stronger in this form. She would need some form of cc in her kit as a skirmisher/diver, and I'm not sure what they'd do to that end. Blade surge (Q) is most likely being kept as it'd keep her anti-ranged niche intact and it's a very unique part of her kit. The Armiger gif above also demonstrates Noctis dashing between enemies similar to blade surge. *** Some more inspiration from other media: Noctis's Armiger (Final Fantasy XV) Ven's Wingblade (Kingdom Hearts BBS) Sora's Final Form (Kingdom Hearts 2) Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon (Fate anime/VN series) *** All in all these are just some ideas I hope Riot will consider, the full rework is down to them. Thank you if you've read this far, as this is my first thread created on the boards.
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