Riot Wrekz's minor VGU

Hi! As many of you may know, about 6 VGU is being worked on by Riot right now. {{champion:50}} {{champion:39}} is known, and the next one after them is being done by CertainlyT (hint: Top/jg character, not {{champion:106}} ) afterwards Xenogenix (nothing is known about it) then presumable August's VGU (female champion with hints pointing towards {{champion:84}}) and Wrekz. Wrekz mentioned on an occassion that he is doing a quick VGU then going to work on a new champion. It turns out he literally meant quick VGU. But which existing VGU candidates would be solvable with quick VGU? The most obvious one being {{champion:25}} as she only needs visuals updated with barely if any gameplay update. We can rule out {{champion:106}} {{champion:20}} (he said he doesn't work on him) {{champion:36}} {{champion:31}}. These are Sion level of changes, so too big for a minor VGU. {{champion:82}} is said to need large gameplay update despite his thematics are good... {{champion:5}} just got gameplay update and is more likely a 2019 or 2020 candidate if anything plus he'd get horse and that'd be medium level VGU at least IMO. {{champion:35}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:80}} I don' know how big of an overhaul would they get, but I feel one of the latter two is CertainlyT's project. Who do you guys think could be the champion he is VGUing?
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