Stop Replacing Old Art With Inferior Crap

My grilfriend and I are just returning to the game after some time off, and she has found that nearly every skin she liked and paid for for Annie has been changed, along with half of her Miss Fortune Skins and a Janna skin she really liked. Going through her list, practically all of her favorite skins have been converted to newer, far crappier versions of the original design, and they all seem to conform to some kind of anime/manga art style. Annie doesn't look remotely like herself in the new versions of the skins. Frankly, I think you should refund everyone who owns a skin every time you change one, and allow them to keep it, because there's no knowing if the new design will actually be something we want to play, and the old designs might have been some of our favorites. She literally JUST bought Annie in Wonderland before she quit, during a sale, and you guys then ruined it with this new manga-esque crap version. Don't get me wrong, I love anime and manga, but I also appreciate all art styles, and I hate that league seems to be moving towards an all-anime art style. Is this because the American audience for this game is falling off and the market is almost entirely in Asia now?
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