Who do you want to see updated next for VGU?

With {{champion:28}} Evelynn out for about a week and the next champion roadmap coming next week we are bound to find out who is next up for a VGU. Which champ would you be most excited to see on the list? Personally I'd like to see {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} or {{champion:80}} but I'd also be happy to see {{champion:56}} added to the list. Edit: I'm aware {{champion:50}} is next for a full VGU and {{champion:266}} is after for a GU. I'm assuming the next roadmap will shed light on the next couple of champs to be announced for a VGU/VU/GU, and wanted to hear the communities opinions on what/who they'd like to see next. Here is the link to the update schedule. [VGU UPDATE SCHEDULE](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202294884-Champion-Update-Schedule)
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