Warwick Skin Feedback

Hey guys, I have read over all your feedback on Warwicks new updated skins and I wanted to talk about what our thoughts are on them and also what changes you can expect to see before release (Or maybe even in the patch after release if needed) First off I want to say that our goal for skin updates is always to do, at the minimum, what is on live pre-rework (or if what is on live doesn't work with the new direction at least something in it's place) We generally don't add more then what is on Live. This is because if we brought every skin up to the modern standards it would extend our release time by a fair amount and we think getting the base update out to players as fast as possible is the highest priority. However, we do try to squeeze in cool things that didn't exist before when possible. That being said we have heard your feedback about the quality of some of his skins and we will be adding more cool stuff over the next couple weeks. I also want to address some concerns I have seen about Feral in particular and at least talk about how we landed where we did on that skin thematic. **Tundra/Firefang ** For Tundra and Firefang we will be adding unique or recolored Fire and Ice VFX to all there abilities, not just W. We feel that the green or red in Tundra WW case just feel really out of place and you guys where right to call us out on that. While neither had completely new VFX pre-rework we also don't want VFX that look super out of place in the game so we will be updating these skins. **Hyena Warwick** For Hyena Warwick we added some unique VO lines and kept his unique laugh emote. We however didn't have a laugh on Q or his Ult which a lot of players are rightfully sad about. We will be adding laugh VO to his Q, Ult, W activation AND when he kills someone. Hopefully this will retain the feeling of the previous Hyena skin. We will also be giving him unique or recolored VFX across the board as well to better fit his thematic. As for pre-rework Hyena's unique run animation, new Warwick already has a run animation when he hunts. In the place of a run we added a unique Engine rig to his back that has unique engine animations that don't exist on any of the other skins. **Feral Warwick** So there have been many comments about how Feral Warwick isn't Feral anymore. We don't plan on doing big changes to the skin except small adjustments to the splash to match the in-game color more and a bit of model polish on his clothing. I did think I should at least explain the thematic and how we got to where we got. We definitely didn't intend to take away his feralness or ignore his previous thematic. Pre-Rework Feral Warwick was a feral beast that got captured and then escaped due to how feral and out of control he was (hence the broken chains on his wrist) We had to preserve the tanks on his back and claw for each skin so we needed to incorporate those into the new skin. The thematic is supposed to be similar to pre-rework feral in that he was a feral werewolf that gets captured and is experimented on and then escapes the lab, killing everyone and running back into the wild. We just added a bit of a twist to it. I thought it would be at least fair to explain our reasoning behind the changes. Anyways that all for now. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below. UPDATE: **Feral/Grey** So looks like our FX artist Bitsplosian has been making crazy progress on Hyena/Tundra/Firefang. Since he is getting through those so fast he is actually going to also do a color shift pass on Grey/Feral, making the VFX on those skins match the theme of the skin closer. These will largely just be VFX recolors to most abilities and also the glow of there eyes/tanks. Keep and eye to the PBE for those soon.

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