Is Ryze a native of the Blessed Isles?

Ok hear me out. Reading through the latest stories and bits and bobs from the map, and something kept nagging me. Why do the people of the Blessed isles seem...isolationists? Similar to Demacia in a way. And how does Ryze know about solar winds and how it affects the atmosphere? They are portrayed as a civilization focused on learning, and cultural development, with universities and the sorts. They don't seem more technologically advanced than piltovians for example, but if they, like Ryze, understand what magic actually is, rather than something to be contained and forced to manifest on a whim, I can see them build all sorts of tech we don't see portrayed on the map. Like magic observatories to study the skies. But he could have learned that from some other civilization. Ok sure, let me run through them: -Noxus doesn't seem too scientifically inclined -Demacia as well -Targonians are space faring so they would know this for sure, and _maybe_ Ryze either had a chat with them while they were stationed on Valoran, or met one of the aspects. The Solari's view of the sun is more religious, i dont think they care how stuff actually works above them. -Shurimans unlikely for the same reason. They saw the sun, and probably targonians too as beings from the heavens, and not bothering to do some research and science on how the sun works, or even their own sun disc. They probably were taught just how to use it. -Piltover? They are the most inclined to do this sort of stuff, but I dont think they can see the auroras, thus not prompting any research on the matter. -Ionians seem more, accepting of stuff thats happening around them, without trying to figure out why it happens. The Blessed Isles seem far enough south that they could see them too. But all that i said until this point was just from one detail. What else is there to go on. Why were Ryze and his master on that field trip? Was it purely to do good and keep nations from blowing themselves up? I can see them wanting to do it, but that would be a good enough reason. Also, consider that those two might not have been the only ones sent out, Valoran is big yo. They probably send their most knowledgeable people on these missions, which probably cost them in terms of manpower to do more research. They must have thought of the potential gains from these kind of missions. It's also known they were hoarders of artifacts of various significance. They probably saw themselves very capable of safeguarding them, with the possibility of studying them too. We actually know they enchanted their vaults to open up on specific cosmic alignments, another hint that they definitely studies the skies. But, why does he never mention it? We never get a hint as to where he comes from as far as i can remember. Probably because plot device...oh well. Last thing, it's a stretch but maybe Ryze's tattoos are written in the same language we can see in the last depiction of the library, in the shattered past section. Aight i'm done rambling, how wrong am I?
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