Dear Riot, I don't buy the Faceless character

So you're {{champion:50}} and you've just overthrown the previous Grand General of Noxus. What do you do? Well, of course, you dispose of all his allies so that your rule doesn't get disputed. You also know that there's the Black Rose, a deep state organization that wants you dead, so you decide to institute the Trifarix in order to prevent future tyrants from taking the throne for themselves and act upon their own personal interests instead of Noxus prosperity. Great. Now you need two more trusted buddies to rule Noxus with. So you choose {{champion:122}}, the Hand of Noxus, an extraordinary warrior and highly respected general, but most importantly a personal friend of yours, and an unknown person that keeps their identity concealed. ... ... Why?? Why would you ever want to do that?! I can't believe you've never thought for a moment that they might be {{champion:7}} or someone connected to the aforementioned organization that wants you dead. If you didn't you're an idiot, but if you did WHY THE HELL DID YOU GIVE THEM A SEAT IN THE TRIFARIX!?

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