I just tested the Riven VFX update on PBE and it feels very incomplete

Riven Base VFX Update
Updates to Riven's VFX to increase gameplay clarity and satisfaction
1. Q1 and Q2 need more oomph to match the current in game effects. 2. Riven's ult+W has a HUGE width in game and these effects don't match that. The effects don't fill up the entire circle properly and that makes the ability size look much smaller than it actually is. 3. Windslash looks bad to me, but maybe this is just personal preference. It doesn't feel dangerous for an executioner ability like the current one does. This is VERY incomplete, please take another look Riot and have other artists give their opinions as well. The itself video has a 50% dislikes, I think that says something. Edit: Someone on youtube brought up some really good points that I completely agree with. My complaints are about Q1 and Q2, as I feel like the ground trails are unecessary visual noise and kind of distracting, and the new W feels significantly harder to see among the other green effects, while the old one had a distinct design, so you knew when she used it and thus she was more vulnerable to a countertrade. So I think this is a step backwards in terms of clarity. And from a flavour perspective it looks more like poison gas, almost identical to Teemo's shroom explosion, than an energy burst.
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