Reminder: Ashe Warmother - Comic preorder and purchase/reading options[] ##Here to remind everyone that the all issues of Ashe- Warmother are available to read for free on Universe! Feel free to binge read :D There are also special editions that can be purchased **NOW**, they include scripts (some interesting inside information), glossary, art concepts and more! Each issue costs about 5 dollars/euros and is in my opinion worth it because you gain great insight into the early thoughts and art for the comic. You can buy all 4 issues it on [**Comixology**]( in english, spanish, italian, french etc. Also you can purchase it on [**Marvel**]( Lastly there will be a physical issue(comic) coming out on **May 14th!** This means that we will get an actual book/comic that you could collect, so feel free to buy 2 or more to gift to your friends. Again this comic has also been made for anyone who does not know about the world of Runeterra and League of Legends so it is a great starting point for comic fans :D You can order the phyiscal comic from your countries amazon or a nearby comic book store or comixology: [](

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