My wish list for champions to add to skin themes.

As the title suggests, I have a wish list for champions to be added to existing skin themes. My personal favorites are PROJECT, Star Guardians, and RPG themes. Notable others are the seasonal skins, pool party and snowdown. Below is a list of champs that I think could be great additions to some of the existing skin themes. * Blood Moon Warwick * Blood Moon Shaco * Forsaken Yi\Garen * Artic Warfare\OPs Jhin * Dark Star Vladmir * Debonair Evelynn * Dragon Master Swain (not mine of course but definitely on the list) * Sea Witch Nami (also not mine, instead of half fish, half octopus - Ursula from Disney Little Mermaid) * EarthRune Ivern (this is an old skin line - EarthRune Skarner and RuneBorn Xerath) * World Breaker Ryze This one I think could be a really cool skin if it was epic or even Legendary quality. His Q would be a rend in the earth that travels in the direction fired. His W would be the earth grasping from the ground (floating rocks connected by runic magic). His E would be a ball of crackling energy (similar to what it is now but with the World Breaker color scheme). His Ult was be a great Chasm that opens in the ground. During the channel the grounds falls away from the center out until it hits the edge of the area affected, the reverse would happen on the other side. The characters fall into the earth and pop out the other side. Well what do you guys think, This all came about because when I am looking at the loading screen and seeing all of the cool skins that are available, I find myself trying to envision the skin line on another champ that is on the screen. Gets a little boring watching the loading screen when some one is running the game on a toaster. Feel free to 'list your wish skins' Thanks for reading.

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