Can special voice lines be louder/take priority over common ones?

As in, the special taunts/jokes/execute voicelines between champions. As of now they are heavily layered lower and overshadowed by walking/attacking voicelines most of the time or 60% of the time don't trigger at all; it just sucks that you don't hear them more often. The only instance where you can hear them consistently is the spectate mode. They kinda exist in the game but most people just miss out on them since they cannot be heard on a constant manner. Why make them then in the first place when I can't even hear them? Making them interrupt any other voiceline to trigger themselves would alone add more flair to the game, I mean how hard it is to just make these interactions take priority over usual taunts/other common voicelines/make them louder/increase range at which they trigger/lessen surrounding sounds to hear them while they're playing? Not to mention being able for both parties to hear them well. This also could totally be optional and adjustable in settings too to not interfere with ranked situations where you need to hear specific sounds. Anyone agree?
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