Another patch here and gone and still no trace of Cassie's tail update

Seriously Riot , first you don't give her any skins in over 4 years and now you show us her new tail animations for almost 2 months , but do don't send them to live. Like what the actual fuck , Riot , could you care any less for this champion ? What's next ? You going to make her 4 skins legacy ? You going to give her a SKT skin , that is going to be 750 and legacy then spend another 4 years to give her a skin ? Find out in the next episode of "League of champions that Riot doesn't give a rat ass about". In the next episode , we will receive special guess Star Yorick , who spent 4 years a meme champion waiting to get a rework , only to get one , become as forgotten as he used to be and still get no skin , even now , 6 years after his release.
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